Birding Safaris

Uganda is rich in Western and Central African forest birds, wonderful savannah species and a variety of water and woodland birds. The national bird list is over 1000 and includes the endangered shoebill, Uganda’s only endemic, the fox’s weaver and other key species like the Kivu Thrush, White Winged Warbler, African Pitta, Rwenzori Turaco, Papyrus Canary, Rwenzori Batis, Papyrus Gonolek and the African Green Broadbill. Birding Safaris in Uganda embrace activities such as rewarding game drives, nature walks and boat cruises where possible.

Birding holiday packages range from day excursions to a total of 28days depending on the time period one has

Birding Excursions- 1 day’s trip

  • Botanical gardens and education centre
  • Mabamba Wetland Bay
  • Mpanga Forest
  • Mabira Forest and Jinja surroundings
  • Lutembe and Kanjasi ponds

Sample Itineraries

Bird Watching Uganda, Watching Rift Endemics – 14 days

Green Broadbill

Day 1: To Lake Mburo, Birding rift endemics start with a transfer to Lake Mburo Park. Birding along Impala track and afternoon boat cruise for water birds Overnight tented camp, Safari lodge or camping Species of interest: white backed night heron, Rufous belied heron, White winged warbler, Papyrus Gonlek, papyrus canary, African fish eagle, Pied […]

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Uganda Forest Birding Holiday – 12 days

African Fish Eagles

Day 1: Botanical Gardens, Introductory Birding, Uganda forest birding starts with an introductory birding at the botanical gardens, shores of Lake Victoria and the Kajansi ponds before transferring to your booked hotel. Key species: Great blue Turaco, White & Black casqued Hornbills, Grey crowned crane, compact weaver, Hadada Ibis, Open billed stork, Woodland Kingfisher, Papyrus […]

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Uganda Bird Watching Holiday 8 days

Uganda Bird Watching Holiday 8 days

Day 1: Mabamba Wetland, Mabamba Surroundings, Uganda bird watching holiday, early arrival at Entebbe airport here you are received and greeted by the company guide who will straight drive you to Mabamba wetland bay to watch birds for 2-3 hours, using dug out canoes explore the wetland in search for swamp species and later bird […]

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