I loved my experience with Miriam of Go Uganda Safari Company! She is an amazing tour guide, who was willing to cater to our requests regarding lodging, game drives, and adventures. She worked extremely hard to make sure we had the best experience in Africa. Miriam is able to explain local customs, language, and share her experiences in order for all to understand the culture of Uganda and Rwanda. Unlike other tour companies I have traveled with before, I felt immersed in the local culture and welcomed with a warm smile. This tour company not only provides great safaris and tours, but also works with outreach programs and offers volunteer opportunities to benefit the local community. I would recommend Go Uganda Safari Company to all my friends and family!

Jessica Harris - San Diego - CA - USA

Thanks to Miriam, my trip to Uganda and Rwanda was rich in experiences I’ll never forget. She traveled with us by van through incredible landscapes, making sure that we spotted each monkey and glittering bird along the way. She answered all of our questions, explaining social etiquette, politics, how honey is harvested or what games kids played in the towns we visited. She led the tour like a wildlife expert and also cared for us like a friend. No matter where we were, she made sure that by noon, lunch was there. Miriam’s smiling face was a welcome thing each morning. Do not pass her company up!

Amy Maxmen - New York City - NY - USA

Having traveled in Africa for years, I have had the opportunity to work with many tour operators, but none compared to the personal care and attention I received with Miriam. Not only did Miriam create an itinerary that ideally matched my wishes, having customized a trip to suit my schedule, budget and areas of interest, she ensured that my trip was safe, well-organized and most importantly FUN!!!! Miriam exposed me to the nature, people and way of life of the areas I visited. This is the perfect tour company for those that want to feel like they are becoming a part of their surroundings rather than merely observing from behind glass (or tour bus) doors.

Amelia Chamberlain - New York City - NY - USA

Miriam worked with my non-profit group to bring a delegation to Rwanda and Uganda. Their personal attention and emphasis on the details of the trip was quite simply amazing and allowed us to truly enjoy the journey without worrying about anything. Moreover, Miriam is extremely knowledgeable about local flora and fauna, especially birds. I really felt we had a “behind the scenes” look into the places we visited—which is hard to do as a tourist. I would highly recommend working with Go Uganda Safari Company.

Abby Miller - New York City - NY - USA